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With Global Medical Solution's continual support of our valued customers we are privileged to offer a competent service facility covering all of your requirements. Our service covers, but is not limited to:

Dose Calibrator repair, maintenance and calibration:
  • Capintec CRC - 15R, 15 PET
  • Amersham
  • Biodex AtomLab 100,100+,200,300
  • Ramtec
Well Counter repair, maintenance and calibration*:
  • Ludlum
  • Fluke
  • LTI Laboratory Technologies, Inc. - MulitwiperTM, GeniiTM, GenesysTM
Survey Meter repair and calibration*:
  • Monitor 4
  • Ludlum
  • Victoreen
  • Bicron
  • Eberline
  • Berthold
ASM repair and maintenance:
  • Harshaw Bicron 3000
TLD Reader repair and maintenance:
  • Harshaw Bicron 4500, 5500, 6600

We are also able to manage your assets to assist in the planning of your preventative maintenance and calibration to ensure "on time" delivery of this service.

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