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As with all radiation laboratories and workplaces, safety and minimising exposure is paramount at GMS. Our staff have professional training in radiation types, handling and transportation, damaging effects and preventative measures against radiation exposure such as shielding and laboratory design.

In conjunction GMS can provide for you an extensive range of equipment and safety materials for your laboratory. This range includes categories as:
  • Monitoring and detection devices.
  • Dosimeters and dosimetry services.
  • Multi-channel and single-channel radiation detectors.
  • Lead and tungsten shielding in a wide variety of forms for an equally wide range of purposes.
  • Secure waste removal and isotope transportation.
In addition to radio-pharmacy, we also offer a range of safety services such as wipe-test surveying of your radio-isotope laboratory, decayed waste and expired source removal and transportation of radioactive dangerous goods. Luxel whole body monitoring badges (X-ray, Gamma ray & beta ray) and rings are also available to track exposure levels of staff during day to day operation.

For those looking to design or refurbish a radio-isotope laboratory, GMS can offer the experience and wisdom of our many years in the radiation business. Through consultation and supply or materials, we can assure that your laboratory will provide the safest and most productive workplace to meet the needs of you business.


For smaller more intricate work, tungsten provides a far better shielding material than lead. It's greater linear attenuation of gamma radiations means that less is required for equal shielding. Alternatively equal amounts of tungsten shielding provides diminished exposure risks than equivalent lead shielding. As Tungsten is slightly more expensive than lead, it's use is governed by requirements. Incidentally GMS stocks a large number of shielding and safety services in both Tungsten and Lead.

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