RDC's TLD-XBGN dosimeter is designed for monitoring exposure from photon (x-ray and gamma), beta and moderated neutrons of known energy. This TLD calculates dose at three tissue depths which correspond to the deep, shallow, and lens of the eye depths that are required by 10 CFR 20 regulations. It is an excellent dosimeter for nearly all medical and industrial radiation environments.

The TLD-XBGN dosimeter is available for Monthly (M), Bi-Monthly (B), or Quarterly (Q) wear periods for routine personnel, fetal, area and environmental monitoring.

A Track Etch element of CR39 can be added to any TLD-XBGN badge to monitor neutrons in the thermal to 4.5 MeV energy range.

RDC's TLD-XBGN dosimeters are attached to the wearer with a plastic badge strap and clip. Badge labels show the appropriate TLD wear-position on the body and are color coded to differentiate between monitoring wear periods and to identify wear locations. In addition, a client-specific logo can be printed on the label if desired.

The entire badge is returned for processing at the end of the wear period. A NVLAP accredited report listing all returned badges, and corresponding occupational dose received, will normally arrive in under two weeks. This report should be kept indefinitely. NVLAP Lab Code 100512-0.

To place an order, call 1300-gms-aus in AUS or 0800-999-990 in NZ.