Get Connected - MyAccount, My Way
Every minute counts in your busy day. MyAccount, an Internet-based service, provides RDC customers a safe and convenient way to manage your dosimetry account 24 hours a day. MyAccount operates on secure servers and SSL connections to ensure all of your online information is protected. MyAccount is available to all active customers and is provided free of charge.

With MyAccount online access you can:
  • Manage wearers and badges - e.g. add/delete/activate/deactivate wearers, add foetal monitors.
  • Access reports online - available in PDF and XML format.
  • Update information - such as name changes.
  • Receive email notification of late badges.

Web Security

MyAccount uses the same security that banks and brokerages use when providing internet access. This is called SSL and encrypts the communication between the customer's web browser and RDC's web server; the encryption used is 128 bit, the strongest commercially available.MyAccount uses Verisign® certificates. Certificates are used on the internet as a security feature to assure users that the site that they are using is really who they indicate that they are.

To place an order, call 1300-gms-aus in AUS or 0800-999-990 in NZ.