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Unit Dose

Unit Dose is GMS's complete solution to all of a Nuclear Medicine Department's radiopharmaceutical needs.

The Unit Dose Service provides the right dose at the right place at the right time. Unit dose means that individual doses are prepared, quality assured and packaged for each individual scan. Doses are delivered on time to Nuclear Medicine departments for administration to patients. The unit dose service includes the retrieval, decay and disposal of all radioactive waste from delivered doses.

Unit Dose also includes free use of GMS's Secure Insert system, a safe reliable method for handling and disposal of radioactive sharps.

GMS's unit dose services save you time and money. Scientists can schedule patients more efficiently and respond to patients' needs on very short notice. There is no need to purchase bulk materials and mix individual doses on-site, and no need to worry about wasting time-sensitive radioactive materials, since you order only what you need, when you need it.

Unit Dose is the answer to all of your departments radiopharmaceutical needs. Contact one of our Customer Service Staff to find out how UNIT DOSE is the complete solution for your department.

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