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GMS Australia Brisbane has been involved in production of F-18 FDG for almost 1 year. Brisbane manufacturing facilities are TGA and Queensland Health licensed and production is performed under Australian code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products. We are using GE-Coincidence synthesizer to manufacture F18-FDG. Our involvement has been in synthesizing, quality assurance and distribution of the F-18 FDG. Global Medical Solutions main focus is to maintain and further improve established manufacturing standards while reducing our cost where possible.

Through that process we have managed to source new suppliers for O-18 water, Hardware kits etc, bringing significant cost cuts in production without compromising GMP standards. Soon we will be able to offer a full F-18 FDG synthesis package including all chemicals, cartridges, O-18 water, hardware kits, etc through Australia. Furthermore we supply PET shielding such as:

Tungsten PET dispensing system
  • PET syringe shields
  • PET syringe Pig/Syringe shield
  • PET L-Block
  • PET Clean air hood with HEPA filter
  • PET waste cart
  • PET body shield
And many more ...

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