PET Syringe Shield 3/5cc

The PET Syringe Shield magnetically docks with the PET Dispensing Pig. Designed to accept 3cc and 5cc B-D syringes, it places the needle inside the vial septum when engaged. The body of the shield is constructed of solid tungsten 2.1cm thick for maximum shielding. The external calibration rod allows the precise volume to be withdrawn without a leaded glass viewing port, where high exposure levels cannot be adequately shielded. The system allows the plunger to be pulled back with a pair of forceps, allowing you to keep your exposure ALARA.

600302 PET Dispensing System Syringe Shield 3/5cc
Ø57X85mm N.W: 2.6Kg
600316 PET: 3cc Gauge
Ø23X88.5mm N.W: 0.06Kg
600317 PET: 5cc Gauge
Ø24X78.5mm N.W: 0.05Kg
600332 PET Dispensing Syringe Shield Holder (short)
Ø57X85mm N.W: 1.77Kg

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