PET Dispensing System

The solid tungsten PET Dispensing System permits the safe dispensing of high- energy PET radiopharmaceuticals without the need for expensive remote handling systems .The magnetic "docking" feature of the solid tungsten syringe shield into the dispensing pig allows low exposure dose drawing .It is designed with 3.5 cm thick walls and accommodates up to a 30ml vial.

The 600301 PET Dispensing System includes:

600111 Stainless Steel Base, Armature & Ring
316X210X60mm N.W: 5Kg
600304 PET Dispensing Pig*30ml
Ø108.5X157.5mm N.W: 20.5Kg
600319 PET Dispensing Pig 10ml
Ø97.5X144mm N.W: 16Kg
600302 PET Dispensing Syringe Shield 3cc & 5cc*
Ø57X85mm N.W: 2.6Kg
600303 PET Dispensing System Syringe Shield 10cc
Ø59X98.5mm N.W: 3.4Kg

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