PET Dispensing Pig 10ml

The PET Dispensing Pig provides a full 3.5 cm of solid tungsten to safely shield high energy PET radiopharmaceuticals. Designed to accommodate 10ml vials (adapters are available for smaller vials).The threaded lid attaches to the body of the pig so that no radiation "shine through" occurs .The tungsten stopper, with attached pull ring ,is held in place magnetically. The handle permits the pig to be easily carried as a transport container as well as a dispensing pig.

600319 PET Dispensing Pig 10ml
Ø97.5X144mm N.W:.16Kg
600320 PET Armature & Ring 10cc
Ø127X Ø98X5mm N.W: 0.77Kg
600322 PDS Ammo Can Foam Insert 10cc
280X140X115mm N.W: 0.1Kg

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