PET Clean Air Hood
This drawing station made of easy-to -clean stainless steel, features a built-in-well for the dose calibrator, custom-sized shielded wells for waste collection, a fully shielded base and an integral L-Block style shield. In addition, the drawing station features a 0.3 micron filter, built-in lighting and a pulley and cable assembly system to raise and lower syringes from the ion chamber. This device is the perfect solution for those facilities that use large amounts of activity and prepare doses for many studies.


Working Area: 1100X710X740mm Lead Shielded
Color: Stainless Steel
Finish: Smooth
Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, single phase, 15 amps, 9'power cord, 4 wire
Final Filter: 18.00X48.00X3.00 Aluminium Frame, 99.909% efficient, 0.3 microns w/neoprene air seal gasket w/spring tension, spring tension compression clamps.
Total CFM: 600
Lamps: 3-F48T12CW fluorescent cool white, slimline.
Ballast: F36/48T Slimline, 115V, 60Hz, single phase
Motor: 0.5"hp, 1200 rpm
Control: Solid state electronic motor speed control
Material: 16 gauge cold rolled steel
Work Top: 0.5"formed stainless steel front/rear return panels
Outlet: 115V, 60Hz, single phase, 5 amps, grounded, universal jack
Hoist: Pulley and cable assembly for inserting and removing product from ion chamber
Waste Chute: Lead shielded 8"I.D 12" deep cylinder
Shield: Stainless steel personnel shield lead lined bottom and picture frame with 1"lead glass
Sleeve: Stainless steel formed calibrator holder
Slide: Stainless steel calibrator slide rail, adjustable for viewing
Size: 1280X840x2540mm
Lead: thick 12mm
Lead Glass: 510X380X40mm
Material: stainless steel thick 2mm
Weight: 720kg
Size: 1280X840X980mm
Color: Stainless Steel
Finish: Smooth
Material: 11 gauge 2X2 cold rolled steel tube and 16 gauge 1X1 cold rolled steel
Stand with Wheels: moveable or stand

600330 PET Clean Air Hood

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