Tec-Control Chromatography
For radiopharmaceutical quality control

Tec-Control Chromatography tests the radiochemical purity of specific Tc-99m-labeled radiopharmaceuticals. The accompanying chart shows which strips and solvents are required to perform each individual test. Some solvents must be purchased separately (see Sigma-Aldrich chart) due to hazardous material shipping restrictions.

Detailed instruction manuals are packaged with each strip container, although our Radiopharmaceutical QC Procedure Manual (151-000) explains paper chromatography in greater detail.


Simple 3-step procedure

The Aluminum Breakthru Kit provides a rapid, easy and inexpensive way to test aqueous solutions, particularly pertechnetate generator eluate, for trace quantities of aluminum. Aluminum forms an intense red precipitate with the indicator paper, and the intensity of the color is directly proportional to the amount of aluminum in the solution. The USP allows a concentration of aluminum ion in an injection =10 micrograms per milliliter (10 g/ml) in technetium 99m eluate prepared from Molybdenum 99 formed as a result of uranium fission.

Simple Procedure:
  1. Place a drop of the eluate or solution to be tested on the indicator paper. The best procedure is to form a hanging drop using a 19-22G needle.
  2. Place a drop of the standard aluminum solution on the indicator paper. Use the same size drop.
  3. Compare the intensity of the red spot formed. If the eluate spot is less intense than the standard solution, the eluate contains less than 10g/ml aluminum.

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