The Wiper is the most advanced wipe test / well counter available today. From its 4096 channel (12 bit) analyzer, to its automatic DPM calculation for ANY isotope, nothing else comes close. Yet the key to any good instrument is it's ease of use.

The best features in the world are of no value if the software is too difficult to use. By integrating a graphical display and a full alphanumeric keypad, we make the menu based software simple to navigate. No arrow keys or scrolling needed to get between functions. No multi-function keys (what does it do in this mode?). No confusing paths to remember; just straight forward, simple dialogue.

Take a look at our feature list below. You will quickly get an idea of the level of sophistication built into this counter. You'll also see through the screens shown just how straight forward and easy the software is to use.
  • Easy isotope identification
  • Extensive customizable isotope library
  • 4096 channel MCA
  • Wipe results in DPM
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Schilling test
  • Automatic calibration with Cs137 or Co57
  • Program up to 40 locations
  • Advanced MCA mode for physicists and RSO
  • System diagnostics

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