Synthesis modules shielded cell

The SMC DOUBLE cell is suitable for containing 2 FDG Synthesis Modules into two shielded independent isolators.
The cell enables PET radiopharmaceuticals production by assuring:
  • high radioprotection standards for the operators;
  • aseptic conditions;
  • high radioprotection standards for the environment, both for gas and particulate emissions.
The cell is designed for using two completely automatic synthesis modules (not requiring manipulation during synthesis) at the same time.
The intervention on the modules is possible once the necessary decay time has passed and it is made easier by guides that enable the complete extraction of the modules from the shielding.

Air tight ensured by inflatable seals, ventilation, absolute filtering and internal surfaces quality guarantee FDG production in accordance with cGMP procedures.

Both boxes have completely independent ventilation systems, each one composed by:
  • inlet HEPA filters;
  • outlet HEPA and active charcoal filters;
  • 80 vol./hour aspirator;
  • pressure inside the box: -100 Pa (adjustable).
The shielding thickness (75 mm Pb for each side) allows to have a dose rate on cell surface lower than 10uSv/h and at distance of 1 mt. lower than 0.5uSv/h considering an internal activity of 3000 mCi of F-18.

Door interlock system Mod. AIS 1
For activity level inside the box over a preset threshold, a Geiger Muller detector connected to the cell control panel disables the opening of the cell shielded door and produces the relevant signal on the display. Interlock bypass is possible through by numerical password.

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