Rotund Container
Greatest mobility in a small shield

As some activities call for greater shielding than is usually found in the department, the Rotund Lead Container is designed with 24.5 mm shielding. The canister is fitted with an easy carry handle that fastens the top down securely using thumb screws attached to the steel band around the container. This shield will hold vials up to a 30 cc and can be used for quick transport of 511 keV products when portability is required.

A smaller shield is available that offers 1" lead walls, when lighter shielding is required and still with the same inside diameter for 30 cc vials. Both of these units may be used as a primary shield for high energy products but should be placed behind additional shielding when storing activity.

  • Has 24.5 mm lead shielding 44.5 lead equivalent on all sides
  • Bail handle fastens down to secure the top
  • Holds up to a 30cc vial

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