Processing and Acquisition Solutions
Segami Corp is a pioneer in the field of Nuclear Medicine, established nearly a decade ago with the goal of developing affordable workstations using standard hardware and productivity tools. They were the first to introduce Windows NT (now Windows XP) to Nuclear Medicine applications and have been an innovator in several other clinical domains, such as cerebral analysis, cardiac analysis and have also developed unique SPECT and static image processing tools.

Mirage Processing

Windows XP based processing options using the power and speed of the latest off-the-shelf computing hardware. Modules and options are available to suit any departments specific scanning and networking requirements.
  • Affordable processing options that cover the full range of diagnostic requirements:
    • Cardiology
    • Neurology
    • General image display and SPECT processing
    • Oncology
    • Other
    • Innovative new iterative SPECT reconstruction algorithm
    • Poisson noise reduction filter that significantly improves image quality without degradation
    • Scan with lower doses or shorter time, improving patient comfort and departmental efficiencies
  • Universal Connectivity
    • DICOM
    • Interfile
    • Native file formats supported:
      • GE Advance
      • GE Starcam
      • CTI ECAT
      • ADAC Pegasys
      • Siemens ICON
      • Toshiba
      • SMV XT/STP
      • Elscint USTU
      • Trionix
  • Functional (SPECT/PET) and Anatomical (MR/CT) image coregistration options
  • Remote viewing and processing options

Mirage Acquisition

Give new life to your old gamma camera with the addition of an acquisition interface on your Mirage workstation. Through a simple PCI card interface you will be able to acquire all acquisition types directly into Mirage and throw away the outdated computing hardware that came with your camera!
  • Acquisition solutions exist for:
    • Siemens Analogue Orbiter
    • Siemens Analogue Diacam
    • Siemens Bodyscan
    • Siemens Portable LEM
    • Siemens ROTA
    • GE Starcam XR & XC
    • GE Starcam, 2000 & 3000
    • GE 400T
    • GE Maxi
    • ADAC/Philips ARC3000
    • Picker SX250
    • Picker SX300
    • Elscint SP4
    • Elscint SP6
    • Hitachi 600
    • Toshiba 910
    • Toshiba 620
    • Scintronix
    • Searle PhoGamma Series
  • Acquisition types supported:
    • Static (64 up to 512 matrix)
    • Dynamic (64 up to 256 matrix; up to 4 phases)
    • Whole Body
    • Gated Static (64 or 128 matrix; 16 up to 64 bins)
    • SPECT (64 or 128 matrix; 32, 64, 128 projections; 180 or 360 degrees)
    • Gated SPECT (64 or 128 matrix; 32 or 64 projections; 180 or 360 degrees; 8 or 16 bins)
  • Acquisition solutions can also be integrated into existing DICOM networks without the need for a Mirage processing workstation.

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