Pro-Tec® IV Syringe Shield
High density lead glass with a full 360° view - All the features you want combined in a single shield
  • High density (5.6) lead glass shielding, 360-degree barrel view
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most disposable syringes
  • Safe-T-Lock design reduces exposure with faster handling
The Pro-Tec® IV Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure, maximizes the viewing area and is convenient to use. The barrel of the shield is constructed of optically clear high density (5.6) lead glass. The end of the lead glass barrel is tapered so that the contents of the syringe can be viewed. The 360° view and taper make the venipuncture faster and easier. The high density lead glass significantly reduces radiation exposure from Tc-99m.

The Safe-T-Lock design provides increased protection by allowing minimal handling. The Safe-T-Lock design grips and secures the syringe upon insertion and will release the syringe at the press of a button. Disposing used syringes is easy; invert the syringe shield over a sharps container, press the release button and the syringe freely disengages.

Pro-Tec® IV Syringe Shields accommodate standard sized 1 cc to 10 cc syringes.

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