Prima 11 B Personal Radiation Monitor
The PRIMA II b is a small warning device to alert the user when entering a radiation area. Excellent for working around areas with variable radiation present.

For gamma, the PRIMA II b emits approx. 2 chirps/min. (low range) or 60 chirps/min, (high range) in a 1 mR/h field. For x-ray, the unit functions as an indicator of relative radiation intensity, thus serving as a means to help reduce exposure during fluoroscopy. Battery life 6 months when used 8 hrs./day.

• Size: 3.6"h x 2.5"w x 0.84" thick; Weight: 4 oz.

• Used in detection of gamma and x-ray
• Audible indication when radiation is present
• Dual range with volume control
• Very compact and lightweight

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