Precision Stepper
• The precision stepper enables the user to advance and retract an endo-rectal ultrasound probe in the rectum to image the prostate
• The endo-rectal probe is inserted into and fixed to the stepper and positioned by moving the stepper/probe combination
• Any endo-rectal probe from any producer can be fit to the stepper
• Probe can be rotated around the probe's long axis (± 45°). The probe locks into the adjustable centre position
• Movable length of the probe with the stepper: 100 mm
• Scale for position recognition
• Encoder available for automated Image acquisition
• Step width: 2,5 mm or 5 mm selectable as well as free analog movement in and out of the rectum
• Additional free analogue movement of the probe to define the exact starting point for stepwise movement: 50 mm
• Template is movable (100 mm) in the direction parallel to the ER probe´s long axis and can be fixed in any position

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