1. PigletTM

This solid tungsten delivery container provides optimal shielding for iodine I-131 with minimum weight (only 4.46Kg). Its direct threaded lid assures safe containment of either liquid or capsule dosages. The PigletTM is capable of safely shielding high activity carcinoma ablation doses.

2. PigletTM Sling

The ideal accessory for the PigletTM or Piglet2TM. Make sure they are the best-dressed PigletTM in town! These color-coded slings are crafted from ballistic nylon and can help keep exposure ALARA while facilitating easy handling.

600100 PigletTM
Material: Tungsten
N.W: 4.6kg

600125 PigletTM Sling
N.W: 0.08Kg/10pcs

600102 PigletTM Ammo Can Foam Insert

600116 PigletTM Lid Gasket-each
N.W: 0.02kg/10pcs

600107 Charcoal Donut PigletTM -100/bag
N.W: 0.001Kg/10pcs

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