Piglet 2TM

1. Piglet 2TM

Piglet 2TM is the smaller cousin to the PigletTM. It is also a solid tungsten delivery container that provides optimal shielding for iodine I-131 with minimum weight (only 2.75 Kg). Its direct threaded lid assures safe containment of either liquid or capsule dosages. The Piglet 2TM is capable of safely shielding hyperthyroid or whole body scan doses.

2. PigletTM Pooper

The PigletTM Pooper is a remote-handling tool that helps remove and replace the snap cap lid within the PigletTM or Piglet 2TM .This stainless steel tool is a must for every department and can help keep exposure ALARA. There is no more need to physically touch the vials because of the easy small tension grip used for opening and closing.

3. Gotti Cup

The Gotti Cup is constructed of tungsten and is designed for use in I-131 NaI capsule compounding. Using the Gotti Cup dramatically increases the level of shielding available during the capsule compounding process.

600101 Piglet 2TM
N.W: 2.84kg

600120 Gotti Cup
N.W: 0.53kg

600126 Piglet 2TM Sling
N.W: 0.07Kg/10pcs

600117 Piglet 2TM Lid Gasket-each
N.W: 0.01kg/10pcs

600124 PigletTM Pooper
N.W: 0.05Kg

600123 Charcoal Donut Piglet 2TM -100/bag
N.W: 0.001Kg/10pcs

600102 PigletTM Ammo Can Foam Insert

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