Leaded Neoprene Gloves
These seamless, Lead-Loaded Neoprene Gloves are manufactured from an exclusive formulation. When handling materials emitting low-energy gammas they have proven highly effective and may reduce dosages up to 85%.

The high-density lead/neoprene shielding film provides the glove with good shielding properties while still maintaining adequate flexibility & dexterity. The glove is easily cleaned with antiseptic, disinfectant and Radiacwash (featured separately) solutions. Ideal for I-125 and Tc-99m procedures. The gloves are provided in glove box size and can be cut or rolled down to the desired length.

  • Lead Equivalency: 0.10 mm
  • Nominal Thickness: 30 mils
  • Transmission: 50%
  • Half-Value Thickness: (0.32") 0.80 mm
  • Linear Absorption Coefficient: 0.87 mm

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