LatchkeyTM Syringe Shield (3cc, 5cc, 10cc)

*So simple, it's revolutionary! The only full-length syringe shield that covers the entire length of the syringe barrel and attaches securely with a simple latchkey.
Great for unit-dose users!
*Outstanding design. No screws, pins or springs to break or strip out -just a simple twist into the latchkey holds every syringe firmly.
*Fully exposed needle hub allows you to visually check for correct venous insertion prior to injection. Permits the use of three-way stopcocks.
*Available with or without a window in 3, 5 and 10cc sizes to fit BD syringe.
Terumo Syringe is available in a 2.5cc size.
*Models with windows have a large, optically polished window that allows maximum light entry, and reflective white barrel lining makes viewing syringe contents easy.
--9 mm thick glass-5.2g/cc gives optimum protection and is easily replaced.
--Window is recessed into offset solid tungsten barrel to prevent shine-through.
*Models without windows have no lead glass window to crack or fog, just solid tungsten for maximum shielding -great for unit dose users.

600237 LatchkeyTM Syringe Shields 3cc
Ø17X68mm N.W: 0.16Kg

600238 LatchkeyTM Syringe Shields 5cc
Ø21X63mm N.W: 0.23Kg

600239 LatchkeyTM Syringe Shields 10cc
Ø23X81mm N.W: 0.26Kg

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