IS2 PULSECDCTM Compact Digital Cardiac Camera
IS2's founder, Iain Stark, has been at the forefront of gamma camera design for 3 decades and was the creator of the first digital gamma camera. His goal in forming IS2 was simple, to build functional and reliable cameras that out-perform every other platform on the market at a better price.

Fixed 90 degree dual head
  • Fits in a tiny 2 x 2.9m room
  • 380 x 260mm UFOV (each head)
  • 2.9mm Intrinsic Spatial Resolution
  • 9% Intrinsic Energy Resolution
  • Uniformity +/- 2.0% Integral +/- 1.5% Differential
  • Centre of Rotation better than 0.5mm
  • True all digital design - down to each PMT

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