GENESYSTM GENIITM HE - HighEnergy Multi-Well Gamma Counters
The Genesys Genii HE gamma counters are designed for the low to medium volume research lab which routinely counts higher energy isotopes. With it's compact design, solid statedesign and multiple detector options, there is a model ideal for your budget and workload.
  • Comprehensive data reduction
  • Q.C. storage and plotting
  • 1, 2 or 3 well-type NaI(tl) detectors
  • Heavily Shielding
  • E-Lead eliminates crosstalk in multi-well models
  • Count any isotope up to 2MEV
  • 4096 channel analyzer for spectral plotting
  • Stored assay
  • Automatic calibration with Cs137
  • Customizable isotope library
  • Very compact
  • Very affortable

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