The Gamma-1 features powerful data reduction software designed to handle all clinical and research assay needs. From a simple CPM test to an IRMA calculated using a cubic spline curvefit, your needs are covered.

Need to count other isotopes? No problem. The Gamma-1's well crystal detector features a unique, elongated design which creates greater crystal mass beneath the well. This translates to a higher efficiency when more energetic isotopes are counted.

The backlit liquid crystal display allows you to see and edit the standard curve on-screen, before it is too late. By spotting a “bad” standard, you can take corrective action on the fly, before the unknown samples are affected.

Although the Genesys Gamma-1 is small in size and price, it packs a lot of power.

The heart of the Genesys Gamma-1 is a 4096 channel analyzer, which gives the power to view isotope spectra in great detail, as well as provide for superior automatic detector calibration.

The Genesys Gamma-1 is the ideal instrument for small volume laboratories or laboratories which infrequently need access to a gamma counter.

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