(Absorbent Paper, Isoclean Decontaminant, Rad-Con Decontaminant)
Absorbent Paper
To line all work surfaces, Capintec offers a highly absorbent paper. This consists of multi-ply embossed paper laminated to thin plastic for protection from bleed-through and strength. Supplied in rolls with perforated sheets for easy tearing in convenient pre-cut sheets, it soaks up spills without allowing liquid to penetrate and contaminate the surface below. Pre-cut sheets are available in the correct size for the fiberglass and stainless steel trays listed below.

Isoclean Decontaminant
This mild but powerful concentrate will safely remove radioactive contamination and problem substances from all types of lab apparatus. Isoclean's cleaning power is comparable to a hot acid bath but with no hazard to personnel. At nominal dilution (1 to 50) with warm tap water, Isoclean is negligibly corrosive, mildly alkaline, and harmless to skin and clothing. One liter makes 12 gallons of solution.

Rad-Con Decontaminant
RAD-CON Surface Cleaner cleans laboratory glass, plastic and metal ware as well as areas such as work benches, containers, instruments and detectors, etc. The non-corrosive foam removes difficult substances (blood, grease) even from rough surfaces. RAD-CON Hand Cleaner is very effective on exposed parts of the body. It lifts contaminants from the pores and skin surface and holds them in solution until rinsed away with water. RAD-CON contains no abrasives or skin irritants. Both cleaners are packaged in large aerosol spray cans, net weight 18 oz. DECON Hand Soap is non-abrasive with no skin irritants, and mild enough for any body part (except eyes). Mixes with water; usable in any liquid soap dispenser.

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