Dispensing System with Tungsten Vial Shield

1. Single Product Dispensing Station

The Single Product Dispensing Station permits dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals without having to hold the vial shield. Adjustable stainless steel base provides flexibility and stability. Fully adjustable armature permits positioning to any height or angle. Accepts Tungsten Vial Shield (#600205). Vial shield not included.

2. Multi-Product Dispensing Station

This rotating carousel is designed to hold 6 tungsten vial shields with magnetic lids, permitting the easy withdrawal of patient doses. Once the morning technologist has made all of the required kits, anyone can select the proper produce for each patient scan by simply spinning the carousel. Stainless Steel base accommodates standard lead bricks. The vertical stainless steel pole has multi-level height adjustments. Accepts Tungsten Vial Shield or Tungsten Vial Shield with Swivel Lid vial shields (not included).

600205 Tungsten Vial Shield long
Ø43X76mm N.W: 1.41Kg
600208 Tungsten Magnetic Vial Shield
Ø39X56.5mm N.W: 0.95Kg
600269 Tungsten Magnetic Vial Shield Top
Ø39X7mm N.W: 0.12Kg
600270 Tungsten Magnetic Vial Shield Middle
Ø39X14.5mm N.W: 0.14Kg
600209 Single Product Dispensing Station
215X110mm Stainless Steel N.W: 1.51Kg
600210 Multi-Product Dispensing Station
215X110mm Stainless Steel N.W: 1.51Kg
600221 Cardiolite® Booster Seat
Ø25X17mm N.W: 0.01Kg
600267 Tungsten Tech Coaster
Ø70X10mm N.W: 0.57Kg

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