Compact L-Block with Dose Calibrator Shield and LCD Display
Space-saving design - Ideal for mobile units
  • NEW large, color LCD display with camera
  • 2.75" lead shielding in facial area
  • 1.5" thick lead shielding in front, 1" in base
  • 1" thick lead shielding surrounds calibration chamber
  • Optional Lead Brick Cave for complete lateral shielding
The unique L-Block with Dose Calibrator Shield features a Color LCD Display with a CCD Camera. The adjustable camera allows the user to tailor the view for wide angle or close-up views of the work surface.

The camera / display combination eliminates the potential fogging problem often associated with lead glass caused by the synthesis process of radiopharmaceuticals. The area behind the display is shielded with 2.75" of lead for additional protection of the facial area.

The shield is designed to maximize space in facilities receiving and preparing doses of high-energy radionuclides, such as FDG F-18. It provides convenient access and viewing of the work area and incorporates a built-in calibration chamber shield. The special shield is designed to accommodate a chamber that is through-mounted in a countertop (customer responsible for installation). The chamber shield accommodates all Atomlab chambers and many others (check chamber shield specifications to determine fit). This combination of L-Block and dose calibrator shield eliminates the need to purchase interlocking shielding rings. This unit is constructed of lead encased in steel with 2.75" lead in the critical facial area, 1.5" thick lead in the front and 1" thick lead in the base and in the chamber shield. A special plate with a hex-shaped recess is mounted on the L-Block base to facilitate one-handed loading and unloading of dose pigs incorporating hex-shaped bottoms. The optional 042-434 Lead Brick Cave fits neatly into the sides of the vertical section to provide lateral shielding around the full perimeter of the L-Block's base. For hot labs in mobile vans, the optional brick cave cover will prevent the cave from shifting when the vehicle is in motion.


042-440 L-Block with Dose Calibrator Shield and LCD Display
  • Dimensions: 18" w x 21.5" depth x 26" h (45.7 x 54.6 x 66 cm)
  • Does not include flexible gooseneck camera mount.
  • Lead Shielding:
    - Front: 1.5" thick (3.8 cm)
    - Base: 1" thick (2.5 cm)
    - Calibrator Shield: 1" thick (2.5 cm)
    - Facial Area: 2.75" thick (6.9 cm)
  • Calibrator Shield Inside
  • Dimensions: 6.85" I.D. x 10.25" h (17.4 x 26 cm)
  • Finish: Powder coat
  • Weight: 615 lb (280 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 635 lb (288 kg)
LCD Display
  • Dimensions:
    - Screen (Diagonal): 12.1" (30.7 cm)
    - Viewing Area: 9.68" x 7.25" (24.5 x 18.4 cm)
  • Pixels: H x V 800 x 600
  • Power: 115 VAC, 12V DC
042-434 Interlocking Lead Brick Cave
  • Dimensions:
    I.D.: 14" w x 20.5" depth x 16" h (35 x 52.1 x 40.6 cm)
  • Lead Shielding: 2" thick (5 cm)
  • Finish: Paint
  • Weight: 597 lb (271 kg)

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