8000 NERO mAx X-ray Test Device
Only for NZ market

The Victoreen® NERO® mAx, Non-invasive Evaluator of Radiation Outputs, evaluates the widest range of x-ray machines on the market today. Evaluation of pulsed fluoro, cine, computed tomography (CT), portable, mammographic, dental, radiographic, fluoroscopic, low, medium, and high frequency machines is finally made possible with a single instrument. This fifth generation instrument features 100 kHz sampling speed and direct mA/mAs measurements.

The NERO mAx's innovative Easy Flow Menu (EFM) system and flexible soft keys provide an intuitive, user-friendly operating environment for quick, accurate, and easy measurements. All measurement modes and functions are displayed on the NERO mAx's super bright LCD and are controlled by the five soft keys directly below the display and three hard keys to the right. Seven user selectable measurement modes and three system control modes are available and clearly displayed on the control console screen for easy access and selection.

The NERO mAx consists of the control console, detector, detector cable, two filter cards, mAs leads, Excel Add-in, AC adapter, HVL plates, instruction manual, and carrying case. The compact control console houses the rechargeable battery, super bright easy to read backlit display, eight control buttons, and the sophisticated electronics necessary for accurate, reproducible measurements. Connectors for power input, RS-232, printer, scope output and the NERO mAx detector are located on the control console's rear panel. The NERO mAx detector contains sensors for simultaneously measuring kV, exposure or rate and mA or mAs. Solid state detectors are used to measure kV. An ion chamber, located in the top of the detector, is used for exposure/rate measurements. Connectors for external ion chambers and the NERO mAx detector interface are located on the rear panel of the detector. The front panel has a keyed opening for the NERO mAx filter cards and a connector for mAs leads. The filter cards contain the various filters needed to accurately measure kilovoltage. Each filter card is coded so that the NERO mAx “knows” which filter is in use and its position. The NERO mAx also verifies that the filter card is valid for the selected measurement mode. The two filter cards are keyed so that they may only be inserted properly. The W/Al filter card and the Mammo filter card are clearly labeled as to the x-ray tube targets for which they are calibrated.

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