7600 Double Check® Pro Daily Check Device
Only for NZ market

The 7600 Double Check Pro is a portable, easy-to-use, daily check device for therapy beam quality assurance. Ten ion chambers are positioned to simultaneously check beam constancy, symmetry, flatness, and energy constancy. Nine ion chambers are used for verification of flatness, symmetry, and dose constancy while a special filtered ion chamber provides energy constancy information. The bright color LCD touch screen display and the user interface, make the unit easy-to-use. Internal and external Flash memory along with several different computer interfaces allow flexible measurement storage, comparison and archival record keeping.

The Double Check Pro consists of a detector array and software for performing linear accelerator quality assurance using physicist preferred air ion chamber technology for dose measurement, avoiding the radiation damage issues of diode detectors. Windows® CE based software acquires beam profile data from the detector array. The beam profile is displayed numerically or graphically. Beam profile analysis such as flatness and symmetry is performed and is saved in a database resident on the unit, facilitating daily, weekly, yearly checks, aiding in following the guidelines in TG-40. The data is also available for correlation to TG-51 data.

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