18-220 Mammographic Accreditation Phantom
Only for NZ market

The Mammographic Accreditation Phantom will assist you in complying with MQSA and the American College of Radiology (ACR) Quality Control Programs. This phantom is intended for use as an integral part of the Mammographic Quality Control Program, and when used to perform routine mammographic QC, it will help you quickly, easily, and accurately evaluate the overall imaging performance of your mammographic system. This phantom will detect imaging changes so you can make the necessary corrections in order to maintain your system at peak performance.

The Mammographic Accreditation Phantom was designed to test the performance of a mammographic system by a quantitative evaluation of the system's ability to image small structures similar to those found clinically. Objects within the phantom simulate calcifications, fibrous calcifications in ducts, and tumor masses. The phantom is also designed to determine if a mammographic system can detect small structures that are important in the early detection of breast cancer. Test objects within the phantom range in size from those that should be visible on any system, to objects that will be difficult to see even on the best mammographic system.
  • Helps ensure optimum image quality and peak performance of the mammographic system
  • Essential for MQSA compliance

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