07-501 to 07-555 Test Patterns
Only for NZ market

Fluke Biomedical offers a wide selection of test patterns for measuring resolution, the modulation transfer function (ultra-high precision), and the resolution of image intensifiers and video systems.

The choice of pattern depends on the specific application. The sector test patterns are 0.4°, and the group test patterns have varying numbers of line pair groups. Lead thicknesses are limited by the resolution, with a maximum thickness of 0.1 mm for test patterns up to 5 LP/mm. Radiopaque numbers indicate the resolution (in LP/mm) of each group.

The Ultra-High Precision Test Pattern utilizes 22 groups of line pairs. Each group is indicated by the extended line above the pattern. Lead thickness is 0.05 mm. Pattern size is 71 x 44 mm.

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