07-453 Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer
Only for NZ market

Poor or inconsistent quality of x-ray images is often caused by inaccuracy or inconsistency of the generator's timer. This results in repeat examinations, which cost time and money. A poorly maintained system is also a hazard to the patient; when a malfunction in the timer occurs, the patient may receive unnecessary radiation doses. It is for important reasons such as these, that regular monitoring of x-ray systems and timers is an essential part of a good quality assurance program.

The Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer is a non-invasive, solid-state instrument that can be used to measure the exposure time of either AC or DC x-rays. It can also measure the duration of radiation output produced by a wide variety of medical and dental x-ray systems. A sensitive x-ray detector in the instrument allows direct measurement of exposure from the x-ray head. Pulses produced by half-wave and full-wave x-rays are measured as 60 or 120 pulses per second. For DC, capacitor discharge and three-phase x-rays, the Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer measures the exposure time in milliseconds. When testing x-ray timers and controls, the time of relay contact closure can be measured using the AC input feature.

An output connector on the side of the Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer allows the user to view a radiation output waveform on an oscilloscope. Using this feature, technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot problems with x-ray generators.

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