07-444 “The Little Genius” Scanning Densitometer
Only for NZ market

“The Little Genius” stands head and shoulders above all other densitometers when it comes to performance, reliability and economy. The only hand-held scanning densitometer in the industry with built-in scanning and single-point (spot) measurement capability, it literally does the work of two densitometers.

“The Little Genius” measures and stores daily film data for up to 20 different x-ray film processors for 31 days in its own built-in memory. Use it to generate and print control charts and D-Log-E curves directly to a printer without using external software and a computer. Set base-line (target) and tolerance levels for each control chart parameter either manually or automatically by scanning and averaging up to 9 different film strips. So smart, it reads not only our film strips, but “the other guys” too.

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